How do Smart Tags keep you organized?

Green: You’ve got it all.

Just press your bag’s Smart Tag and it will glow green when all of your Taglets are with their Smart Tag.

Red: Something’s missing.

A red light means one or more Taglets aren’t in your bag. Open the Adero app to see what’s missing.

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And the app helps keep it all together


Plan ahead to leave nothing behind

Create reminders that tell you if everything is in your bag and ready to go.


Know when things aren’t together

Get a heads up when an essential isn’t in your bag, before it’s too late.

Find It

Missing no more

Locate Smart Tags quickly so you don’t have to scramble to find them.

Relax, it’s rechargeable

When the battery runs low, simply place a Smart Tag on the included USB Smart Tag Charger and you’ll be all charged up in about an hour.

Getting set up is simple


the Adero app and activate your tags.


your Taglets to Smart Tags.


your bag and the things that go inside it.


reminders so you have your essentials.

Tag more. Stress less.

With your intelligent organization system, starting at $79.99

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