Never lose track of what you need most.

Wallet? Keys? Laptop? Adero will help ensure it's there.

A better way to keep it all together

Adero is a system of Bluetooth-enabled tags that communicate with one another–and you–through an easy-to-use app.
Make any bag a smart bag

Our Smart Tags give your bags the power to keep tabs on the items you want and need inside them.

Forget about forgetting

Some devices help you find things when they’re gone. We help you stay organized from the start.

Organize what’s important

Stick Taglets on your everyday essentials and pair them to a single Smart Tag.

Tag more. Stress less.

This is a Smart Tag

For your most important bags–whether that’s your suitcase, purse, or the diaper bag.

This is a Taglet

For the essentials that go inside that bag like chargers, headphones, water bottles, and more.

Keeping track of it all is a breeze

The system comes together in the Adero app where you can build your smart bags, track your tagged things, and create reminders to keep them all together.

How It Works

Available on Android and iOS.

How Adero stacks up

How Adero Stacks Up

You’re about to get way more productive

Don’t leave without your laptop charger.
What To Tag

Take the worry out of the work trips

Know you have that passport before you get through security.
What To Tag

Little people, lotsa stuff

Have exactly what you need to avoid a public meltdown.
What To Tag

Go from arggh to om

Being this organized can only add to your inner zen.
What To Tag

How about a vacation from forgetting

Be good to go for your getaway.
What To Tag

Tag it so you’ll have it and be good to go

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